Profile: Christine Dennison

Oh, she swims with sharks too…

Red Fox Ambassadors are special people. They are adventurers who thrive in the elements, always looking for the next great trail or climb or ride.

One of our most versatile Ambassadors is New York City native Christine Dennison. Whether on land, in the water or under the ice Christine has done it all.

“I grew up with a mother who loved travel and was always traveling – she also instilled in me the love of learning about the cultures of people and art,” Christine said. “She had photos of herself climbing the steps of the Aztec ruins when she was 16 and I thought it was very cool and adventurous!”

Swimming with the sharks...

Swimming with the sharks…

Christine is co-founder and president of Mad Dog Expeditions, an exploration and adventure company and also is active in supporting nonprofit organizations that promote conservation, education, exploration, ocean outreach and animal rescue. She writes a monthly column titled “Exploring Women” in Misadventure Magazine, has a daily blog, and is also an on-air expert for TV news programs.

“We launched Mad Dog in the summer of 1994 with a self-supported team expedition to scuba dive in the High Arctic of Canada. It was a trip that forever changed my life.”

It’s a life that has included swimming with sharks in the oceans, piranhas in the Amazon rain forest and scuba dives under the Arctic polar ice caps. Christine was the first woman to scuba in the waters of the Northwest Passage and the Amazon’s Rio Negro. She leads expeditions to the most remote corners of the world and has been honored as a Fellow in the Explorers and the Royal Geographical Society of London. She was the only American woman on a team of five women to ski to the North Pole last April to raise awareness of Polar Conservation and she is the recipient of the Brazilian Navy League Medal of Honor for her work in the discovery of the USS R-12 and her entombed crew of 42 sailors.

“I have experienced many intense emotions throughout my journeys and it’s difficult to choose just one,” she explained while looking back at her many adventures.

CD among Arctic seracs

CD among Arctic seracs

“I would say being close to wildlife underwater or above is very intense and emotional. I have had my breath taken away many times, one that comes to mind in particular was when I was diving in the High Arctic and I was by myself enjoying the beauty and calmness when all of a sudden a seal brushed by me and scared the life out of me! I didn’t see anything around me and so it took me by complete surprise. It was a ring seal pup and wanted to play… I recall looking at its beautiful face and thinking it was the most magical experience I could ever have. I think remote regions of the world are challenging and make me feel alive. These challenges put many things into perspective and I come away with a renewed respect for life, it can be quite humbling.”

Today Christine is working on her book, which is focused on Empowerment and Exploration for women.

“I write a monthly column for Misadventure Magazine profiling and interviewing Exploring Women from around the world. I also have extensive personal experiences traveling and leading my own expeditions and working with clients and colleagues,” she explained. “I am writing from my unique perspective and experiences as they pertain to personal challenges and growth for women of all ages and stages in life. I truly believe in women being supported by the experiences of other women and how travel and exploration teaches self-reliance, confidence and empathy. I hope to be able to make a difference in someone’s life through my book.”

She began her relationship with Red Fox in 2015.

“I was on a ski expedition to the North Pole in April of 2015 sponsored by the Mamont Foundation to raise awareness for conservation and education about our Polar Regions. I took to the ice in Red Fox gear and I was super impressed by the quality and the performance of the gear. It doesn’t get more extreme than those North Pole weather conditions and I now rely on Red Fox for my expedition gear as it works overtime.”

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Christine’s thoughts on International Women’s Day.

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