RF Duffel doubles as a daypack

The east coast was very hot this summer and I was lucky to get some time to travel north to Maine with my rescue dog Ginger. She is a husky breed and has tons of energy so we hike and around seven miles a day.

Clearly I needed the right pack for the journey.

For this trip, I relied on my Red Fox Duffel. It’s my go to bag for light and heavy loads. It’s a workhorse duffel that offers water protection as well as good looks. Inside there are mesh pockets for separating gear from clothing. It is large enough to hold everything I need for a day or week. The best part is it has shoulder straps so I can wear it like a backpack, then grab my dog lead and go.

The beaches of Maine are beautiful and rugged and the weather varies from cooler nights and mornings into hot summer days. With some 3,478 miles of coastline, there is a lot of ground to explore.

Christine Dennison wearing a Red Fox duffel.

Christine Dennison wearing a Red Fox duffel.

If you find yourself in Maine you will be rewarded with stunning scenery, great people and lobster meals on just about every block and pier.

My time in Maine is never long enough but I was able to enjoy the beaches of Scarborough and York Harbor not too far from Portland.

On this trip we stayed in the beach community of Scarborough, about 15 miles south of Portland, and the weather was perfect. We found ourselves on Higgins Beach which is a lovely seaside community that has a dog friendly beach. The days are hot and sunny, nights are cool and it seems everyone enjoys vacationing with their dog in Maine.

There are great houses for rent as well as hotel lodging in the area and day trips into Portland offer shopping, art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants and more. Portland is a small town with all the comforts of a big city and lots of fun.

My Maine best bets include: Higgins Beach for morning walks and evening strolls, and the area of Scarborough for its variety of accommodations from AirBnB to hotels and motels as well as campgrounds. Lobster shacks are everywhere and always good for a quick meal.

There are also wonderful farms in the area that sell fresh produce and baked goods at local stores and are worth supporting when you shop.

After a great week in Maine I think I need another Red Fox Duffel… a smaller one for my dog Ginger who likes to pack a towel and lots of treats, the bigger bag will always be for me.

I am super excited for winter snow as I will be cross country ski training for another Arctic adventure in 2017. Red Fox will be with me all the way.


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