Red Fox Trail Packs

Red Fox Trail Pack seriesWhen you need to get away for just a day, you want to keep it simple and leave the clutter behind. Therefore, you want a backpack to carry the essentials without getting bogged down with too many extra widgets. Red Fox Trail packs keep it simple with just enough versatility to be good for lots of conditions.

Getting in and out of the pack is fast and easy. Two clamshell style compartments are stacked on each other with double pull zippers to quick access to the top, sides or bottom.  Zippered mesh panels inside the main and top compartment keep things organized so you don’t have to fiddle about to find them.

There are ladder chains on both sides of the outside of the pack for lashing things you need fast access to, or that simply won’t fit inside. Webbing straps on the side let you lash down more stuff or compress the pack to minimize size when you’re moving fast. Stash pockets down low let you add just one more thing for the trail.

To keep weight down the Trail Series backpacks use a molded-pad suspension against your back to spread the load, and a channel down the center helps to vent sweat off you back. When you’re carrying heavy gear, you’ll be glad the waist belt is padded with a small pocket for stashing a gloves or a camera that you can easily access.

All our Trail pack come with a hydration sleeve and hang loop in the main compartment, against your back, with access ports to either side and loops on the shoulder straps for routing the bite valve.

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