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Red Fox is a growing international manufacturer of technical outdoor equipment and clothing which in 2014 opened its first retail store in the United States in Lyons, Colorado.

The 26-year-old company was started by adventure climbers Vladislav Moroz and Alexander Glushkovsky, who in the 1980s found that there was no highly technical clothing or equipment being manufactured in their native Russia.

The pair saw an opportunity to satisfy a significant need for the outdoor enthusiasts climbing the peaks of Europe, Asia and beyond. Since founding Red Fox in 1989, the company has become a leading manufacturer of high quality and innovative outerwear and equipment for extreme outdoor adventurers across all of Europe. Since their foundation, the Red Fox brand has traveled to the highest peaks and remote poles of the world chasing adventure.

Over the last two years, Red Fox has expanded its retail operations with new stores in Switzerland, Nepal, and now at the base of the Rockies in Lyons, Colorado.

According to Jim Wagner, Managing Director of Red Fox North America, the United States is ready for a company like Red Fox.

“Marketing gimmicks and frills-loaded products overwhelm today’s outdoor consumers,” Wagner explained. “Red Fox offers a no-nonsense alternative to the hype. Designed for absolute efficiency, our products withstand the most radical temperatures and weather changes in the most extreme environments. It’s as simple as that.”

Quinn Brett, Red Fox Ambassador, on the Diamond route of Long's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Quinn Brett, Red Fox Ambassador, on the Diamond route of Long’s Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Red Fox has gained notoriety for its highly technical gear, which is tested in extremes and built for adventure. Having its North American base in Colorado is a natural fit.

Red Fox chose Lyons as the epicenter for its American offices because of its central location in the United States and proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park. As the Double Gateway to the Rockies, Lyons is within a few hours’ drive from some of the most radical alpine walls in the United States, including The Diamond of Longs Peak, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and the rugged vertical climbs of Eldorado Springs just up the road. Colorado’s booming Front Range is also home to tens of thousands of climbers, skiers, bikers, and other outdoor recreationists.

According to a 2012 Gallup Poll, Colorado was ranked the healthiest state in the country. The state is a year-round adventure mecca, no matter the weather conditions. It’s the ideal location for Red Fox gear.

“This state is the perfect place for the first Red Fox retail store,” Wagner added.

“Wherever you go on the Front Range you will see hundreds of cyclists and runners on or near the roadways. What you don’t see are the thousands of people climbing and hiking in the Rockies. In the winter, these hikers turn into skiers; in the spring, they turn into kayakers. These are our people. We are not business guys and gals just trying to make a buck from passionate athletes; we are the passionate athletes, and we have been part of the outdoor adventure tribe since the company was founded.”

About Red Fox:

Red Fox builds for extremes. Our products were designed in the world’s harshest climates across Europe, by and for some of the heartiest, most skilled mountaineers.

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